Bishop Moses Costa is casting cement on the 1st base
Bishop Moses Costa is casting cement on the 1st base

Base casting of Chittagong Bishop’s House starts today after a prayer service and blessing of the base pillar during the presbyterium meeting of the Chittagong Catholic Diocese. Bishop of Chittagong diocese Most Rev. Moses M. Costa, CSC lead the prayer service and blessed the foundation.

1st base of the bishop's house, Chittagong
1st base of the bishop’s house, Chittagong

The Bishop’s House is being constructed by the Chowdhury Construction. The ceremony is well attended by 20 priests serving in Chittagong diocese, 5 members of the construction committee, employees of the construction farm and employees of the Diocesan Curia and Cathedral Parish.

A 100 years’ old and small parish house had served as Bishop’s House and administrative and pastoral offices until October 2011.  The building started sinking with major cracks on the wall, floor and the roof.  The matter was investigated by city engineers who commented that for any human living it is now unsafe. It is to mention that Chittagong is an earthquake region.

Blessing of the site bishop's house, Chittagong
Blessing of the site bishop’s house, Chittagong

At the advice of the engineers the Local Ordinary and his Auxiliary moved to the parish rectory.  The diocesan offices (chancery) are also shifted. But there is not enough space in the parish rectory for such offices.  Temporary tin shades are being made for cooking and dining.

A new residence for bishop with diocesan offices is now urgently needed. This new residence will also serve as center for promotion of interfaith harmony and peace.  Chittagong diocese has

Piling works bishop's house, Chittagong
Piling works bishop’s house, Chittagong

been very active in this work for many years always Bishop’s residence as a place of accommodation and exchange of friendship.


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