A participant asking for clarification of a Bible verse

Catholic youths face numerous questions about Catholicism today. Their faith is being challenged by radical denominational groups. Failing to answer the faith questions is one of the reasons Catholic youth leave the Church. Realizing the signs of the time the diocesan pastoral service team organized an intensive workshop ‘Know Your Faith’ for the Catholic youth which took place on 17-20 August 2022 in the Archdiocesan Training Centre, Patherghata, Chattogram. 42 youths participated in the event by registering online.

The subjects covered and facilitated are Bible & The Deutero Canonical Books: Mr Manik

Bible consultation among the youths

Willver D’Costa, Diocesan Pastoral Coordinator; Biblical Theology of Apostolic Succession, Priesthood, Confession, Calling Priest a Father: Mr D’Costa; God’s Plan for Our Life: Mr Mickey Paul Gonsalves, Diocesan Development Coordinator; Biblical Theology of Praying for the Dead: Fr. Patrick Simon Gomes, Secretary, Episcopal Desk for Biblical Apostolate; Biblical Theology of Divine Motherhood of Mary: Fr. Gomes; Making and Keeping Statues in the Church and Home: Mr D’Costa.

(Left-Right) Fr Cyprian Pinto SVD, Mr Manik Willver D’Costa, Mr Mickey Paul Gonsalves, Fr Patrick Simon Gomes, Fr Pankaj Ignatius Pereira

For each of the subject matters, participants first read the related verses in the scripture in groups and debated for and against the Catholic dogma. Then they were assisted by the above-mentioned facilitators to know the divine truth. The participants got ample of time each session to get further clarification from the resource persons.

Parish Priest of Jamalkhan Fr Cyprian Pinto SVD and Diocesan Financial Administrator Fr Pankaj Ignatius Pereira presided over the opening and closing Eucharist and program respectively.


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