Contributed by: Mr. Clement Lincoln Gomes, Project In-Charge EPEC-Caritas, Ctg.

Chittagong regional office celebrates Caritas Day and ‘Tag O Seba Avijan 2017’ (Service & Sacrifice Mission) based on the theme ‘Let us listen to the voice of the poor; Let us bring relief to their suffering’. There were speakers from 4 major religious communities of Bangladesh who spoke on the importance of our responsibility for those who are in need, disadvantaged and poor in the world including Bangladesh. Deputy Commissioner Mr. Md. Shamsul Arefin was the chief guest of the program and Vicar General of Chittagong Archdiocese, Rev Fr. Gordon Dias was the inaugurator.

In the beginning of the ceremony Mr. James Gomes, regional director of Caritas Chittagong made a welcoming speech focusing on the caritas day and the objectives of ‘Tag O Sheba Avijan’. The invited guest shared from their respective religious views- The poor require something more than money. They want love; they want moral help, which money can’t buy; they want to be treated as human brothers, and not as creatures of another race, and as dirt under our feet. To give these things to the poor requires a larger heart, a broader mind, and more personal sacrifice, than most rich people are prepared to give. Yet we shall never be able to relieve the poor in any real way until we can give them our hearts as well as our money. The chief guest said that, No religion does not teach violence. Educate a man to love, honor, and extended a helping hand.

In the second part of the ceremony 31 staff of Caritas was presented long term service award. It is to be noted that ‘Tag O Seba Avijan’ (Service & Sacrifice Mission) is one of the educative and awareness building activity of Caritas Bangladesh which is being continued since 1980. Like every year to inspire the common citizens for helping the helpless and poor people this mission will be continued till May 31 starting from 01 March 2017.


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