Contributor: Flevian D'Costa

In the month of last August, the 2 main rivers Sangu and Matamuhuri of Bandarban district were filled with water due to heavy rains for 7 consecutive days. This has created a flood situation in Ruma, Bolipara, Thanchi, Rowangchari, Lama, and Alikadam upazilas along with the district town. The resulting flood cut off the communication system in the hilly areas. Millions of people were left without food due to the loss of jum crops. Various areas and villages of Bolipara are affected due to flooding. Realizing their condition, the BCSM Chattogram unit felt the urge to stand by them. From that urge, BCSM Chattogram collected funds for half a month.

15 September 2023 BCSM Chattogram delegation distributed relief materials (10 kg rice, 1 kg dal, 1-liter oil, 1 kg onion, and 1 soap per household) to 60 families in Bolipara with the money collected. Before the distribution of the materials, the parish priest of Bolipara Parish Fr. Shitol Hubert Rozario, CSC visited Baganpara, the flood-affected area of Bolipara along with the BCSM members. They talked to the affected families there, tried to listen to their current situation and to understand their plight.

Sara Thigidi, Coordinator of Chattogram BCSM, while visiting Baganpara, expressed her feelings and said that this neighborhood has suffered a lot. Their jum crops, neighborhood churches, houses, and streets all were affected badly. We did not see any flood water when we visited, but the flood damages were so great that its traces remain. We talked to the tribals there and learned that they are helpless because of the loss of jum crops. Because this jum was their main source of food and livelihood this year. We feel a lot of peace within ourselves to be able to stand by them in such a situation.

One of the beneficiaries thanked BCSM Chattogram and said, “This year my jum paddy has gone bad. I was very worried about what will happen because my family has 8 members. Thanks to BCSM Chittagong for standing beside us in this time of crisis”.


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