Pilgrimage of Faith by the Members of Legion of Mary


It was for the first time in the Archdiocese of Chittagong that a pilgrimage is held participated by the members of Legion of Mary from all over the diocese and in a church which is built upon the blood of religious martyrs.

Legion of Mary exists in all the parishes of the diocese. But this year Oblate priests took the initiative to bring together all the parishes to participate in a special pilgrimage for the members of Legion of Mary in this year of mission. The pilgrimage took place in  “Our Lady of Holy Rosary Cathedral”, Patherghata, Chittagong on 23rd March 2018 participated by 50 representatives of Legion of Mary.

More specifically, The journey began on Thursday 22nd March by participating in the Chrism Mass where all the priests were present from all over the Archdiocese. The next day began with the way of cross followed by a sharing of Archbishop Moses M. Costa, csc on the meaning of the pilgrimage.

At the end of the program Cross and Sculpture of Mother Mary was given to the representatives.





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