Reported by: Pinto Costa, Rangamati

On the occasion of extraordinary jubilee of mercy a seminar is held in Rangamati St. Joseph’s Parish on 6th May 2016 which is organized by the Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Pankaj Pereira. 85 youth, parents, pastoral agents, catechists, priests and religious sisters participated in the event.

Bishop of Chittagong diocese Most Rev. Moses M. Costa, CSC presented speech on “Being merciful as our heavenly Father”. He said, “A big number of people in the Church are deprived from our mercy and charity. They can have normal and regular life in the Church if we forgive them and open our heart with mercy and charity. The Holy Father Pope Francis announced 2016 a holy year of mercy to address the issue. We all are called to be merciful towards our brothers.”

Headmaster of Don Bosco High School, Bandarban and a renowned writer Brother Sylvester Mridha, CSC presented speech on theme “Bible is the source of mercy”. Father Pankaj and Mrs. Margaret Rozario conducted a session to prepare action plan of the parish on the new direction.

One of the 85 participants said, “I have learnt and understood the Church teaching deeply by attending this seminar. This is a great achievement for me. I am motivated towards the works of mercy and charity”.


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