Youth Formation Training held in Caritas

Youth Formation Training 2018 in Caritas
News Contributor: Mr. Clement Lincoln Gomes, Project In- Charge (EPEC-CHT)

Youth Formation Training 2018 in CaritasA day-long training on Youth Formation was held on 7 September 2018 at Caritas Chattogram Training hall. The training was organized by Caritas FYTP project. A total of 31 youths from different religions participate in this training. Mr. James Gomes, Regional Director, Caritas Chattogram, Mr. Manik Wilver D’Costa, Pastoral Coordinator, Chittagong Archdiocese and Brother Rinku Costa, CSC, Youth coordinator were present at the opening ceremony of the training. Mr. James Gomes said, “Youth is a very essential part of the society. Teaching moral values to youth and responding to their Youth Formation Training 2018 in Caritasspiritual needs was a key to addressing their current problems.”

The first session on Moral Values was facilitated by Mr. Manik Wilver D’Costa, Pastoral Coordinator, Chittagong Archdiocese. He said, “It will be possible to comprise moral values in the heart when you can build yourself as a good man.”

The next session was facilitated by District Judge Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman, who thought, “The biggest challenge in the current society for young people, is going out of parental and family bonding after success. He also sees great risk for society. Youths are getting separated from the family day by day. After childhood and adolescence, they start thinking only about their career.  It’s such an addiction, which makes them forget their Youth Formation Training 2018 in Caritasexistence. To build a career, make money, this is not the only vow of life. This challenge is creating social problems. The frustrated people are involving themselves in crime.” The last session was facilitated by the coordinator of education commission Rev. Leonard Rebeiro on `Role of Youth to protect harmony’. The participants had a group discussion based on the session. The training ended with the closing ceremony. Rev. Leonard Rebeiro and Mr. Manik Wilver D’Costa were present at the closing ceremony.


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