Blessing Ceremony of 1st Church in Khagrachory


‘There’s 3 kind of Church. One that’s build with concrete and cement, one that’s build with humans coming together in Christ and one that lies in our heart. So if our hearts are not open and if we do not pray in silent from the depth of our hearts and also if we do not come together in Christ we won’t be able to find God. A church is where God is present. So we should hold the sense of holiness in our hearts when we enter a church and take some time to look upon the Cross. That’s how our hearts become a church itself.’ Archbishop Moses Costa said in the holy mass and blessing of newly built Church building in Khagrachory. The church is named after the patron saint of Khagrachory parish- Saint John the Apostle.

9 priests and several religious sisters from all around the Archdiocese and more than 400  laity from different villages of khagrachory were present in the inauguration & blessing ceremony. It’s the 1st church building in Khagrachory though Khagrachory was declared a parish in 2008. The laity of Khagrachory parish was very happy and blessed to have a place to pray together. They came to join the mass from very remote areas of khagrachory ignoring the heavy rain. Adison Chakma one of the laity said that this nice Church building lifts the spirit of the Chrisitian peoples of Khagrachori and they are blessed to receive this generous gift from God. It’s the responsibility of the lay people to take care of this church, he added.

After the holy mass everyone enjoyed lunch together. Parish priest of Khagrachory Fr. Michael Roy expressed his gratitude to all the lay people of Khagrachory who volunteered to made this ceremony a success.


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