The Credit Union Leaders Training program, held at the Fiat Pastoral Centre on June 17–19, 2024, concluded successfully, bringing together key figures from the credit union movement in Bandarban, Thanchi, Bolipara, Alikadam, and Lama Parish of the Chittagong Hill Tracks.The three-day event aimed to discuss the current realities and create a renaissance in the credit union movement by drawing lessons from history. A total of 53 participants have joined the training.

The program featured prominent speakers who shared their insights and experiences. Mr. Manik Wilver D Costa, Pastoral Coordinator of the Chattogram Archdiocese, spoke on the fundamental aspects of credit unions, Catholic social teaching and credit uniona.

Mrs. Moury Paroy, Coordinator of the Commission for Laity, Chattogram Archdiocese, delved into the history of the credit union movement and shared inspiring success stories that highlighted the positive impact of credit unions on communities.

Mrs. Jhuma Jinia Snal, a member of the Commission for Laity, facilitated a session focused on open discussions about the credit unions in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, encouraging participants to share their experiences and challenges.

Mrs. Francis Tripura, Secretary of the Pastoral Service Team in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, provided a comprehensive overview of the history and current status of the credit union movement in the region, offering valuable insights into its development and future prospects.

Fr. Liton Hubert Gomes, CSC, Lecturer of Accounting, Business Studies Department at Notre Dame College, Dhaka, highlighted the differences between credit unions and NGO-run micro credit programs. He discussed the institutional foundations, policies, safeguarding strategies, leadership, transparency, and accountability essential for a thriving credit union movement.

Archbishop Lawrence Subrato Howlader, CSC, Archbishop of the Chattogram Archdiocese, underscored the strength and relief found in cooperation, urging participants to leverage collective efforts for mutual benefit.

The program also received substantial support in logistics from Mr. Flevian D Costa and Mr. Jibon Tripura, ensuring its smooth execution.

In the end, a manifesto was prepared, whose name is Fiat. The participants signed the manifesto for further activation of existing credit unions and revitalization of inactive credit unions. Participants left the training with a renewed sense of purpose and a wealth of knowledge to apply to their respective credit unions. The event successfully fostered a collaborative spirit and laid the groundwork for a revitalized credit union movement in the Chittagong Hill Tracks.


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