Holy Childhood Gathering in Bolipara Parish


Holy-Childhood-Gathering-BoliparaHoly Childhood Gathering is held in Halirampara under Bolipara parish on 22nd February 2016 in which 65 children participated. Assistant pastor of Bolipara Parish Father Samir Peter, CSC spoke on topic: Spiritual care of the children. He said, “Children help children. Because they are simple. We need to serve together for the spiritual development of children. Children are the future
of our para (community).” Kids-in-Holy-Childhood-Day-Gathering-Bolipara

At a sideline in the gathering, Aloram Tripura who is the Karbari (para leader) and participant in the program said, “I love my grandchildren a lot. In this last age I pass maximum of my time with them. They are the future of my para. I thank Father Samir for the awareness presentation on physical, psychological and spiritual formation of children.”


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