Contributor: Flevian D'Costa
Session in Progress- Know Your Faith 2.1
Session in Progress- Know Your Faith 2.1

The youth catechism program ‘Know Your Faith-2.1’ was held on March 24, 2023, at Mariam Parish, Diang, with 85 participants from Diang, Cathedral, and Jamalkhan Parishes. The program aimed to guide the youths in the deeper meaning of the Lenten season. The theme set for the reflection was ‘Not My will, but Yours be done’ (Mt 26.39). Society of Jesus priest Rev Jerry S. Gomes was the keynote speaker. Fr Gomes is a development worker in the prominent INGO Jesuit Relief Service, popularly known as JRS. He is now posted in Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar for the relief activities among the forcibly displaced people from the Rakhine State in Myanmar.

“We are having this kind of joyful youth program in Diang after ages! I never realized that there could be immense joy even in being obedient to God. The day ended very fast with the spiritual talk by Fr Jerry, worship songs, games, action songs, and sharing of youth activities. It will last in my memory for a long time for sure. We are inspired to start a BCSM unit here in Diang which may help us in leadership development and Christian formation.”

– Litu Das (a participant in the program).

Fr Gomes emphasized the obedience that God expects from every baptized person. He led the youth to realize in which way they are fulfilling their own will but God. Fr Gomes said that God does not require an intellectual, skilled person, but a heart that is ready to surrender to Him.

Following the conference, the youths received the sacrament of reconciliation while adoring the youth cross. Office Secretary of the Diocesan Youth Commission Mr Flevian D’Costa conducted a brief session on the introduction and activities of the Youth Commission and Bangladesh Catholic Students’ movement. Four members of the Jesus Youth national team were present during the youth catechism program and performed a few worship songs. They also introduced the JY movement to the participants. The program concluded with the Way of the Cross and the Eucharistic celebration. Fr. Lintu Absalem Roy, Parish Priest of Diang Parish sacrificed the Eucharist with the youths.


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