The 40 days ritual for Archbishop Moses M. Costa, CSC began with the presentation of a video documentary on his life and philosophy. The documentary started with a calm but firm voice as quoted:

“Our diocese is a local church, mysterious body of Christ, He is the head of this body and we are the limbs. According to Saint Paul, One bady, many parts, one spirit, many gifts. It is our pursuit and desire to live as a Healthy body centered in Christ.” 

The owner of that voice was Archbishop Moses M. Costa, CSC who passed away on 13 July 2020. On 21st August 2020, Friday 40 days ritual were done for Archbishop Moses through a celebration of Mass. Fr. Leonard C. Rebeiro the present administrator of Chittagong Archdiocese was the main celebrant. Many other priests were also present in the mass. Present Assistant Secretary of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Bangladesh(CBCB)- Fr. Jyoti F. Costa reflected on the life and philosophy of Archbishop Moses in his homily.

After the mass there was a memorial service for Archbishop Moses where a youth layman- Mr. Flavian D’Costa said in his eulogy as quoted,

Archbishop Moses gave me personal guidance and advice which made me control my anger and change my life. Archbishops’ spirited life is a inspiration to me.

Fr. Subrato Boniface Gomes, present parish priest of Tejgaon Church and former assistant secretary of CBCB focused on the modesty, visionary leadership and humanitarian works of Archbishop Moses in his eulogy.

Earlier before the mass, newly appointed administrator of Chittagong City Corporation- Mohammed Khorshed Alam Sujan visited the cemetery of Archbishop Moses and prayed for his departed soul.

The same mass has been celebrated in all of the parishes and sub parishes of Chittagong Archdiocese on the same day.


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