Prayers and Meditations for the Atonement in Dhaka

    Prayers and Meditations for the Atonement in Dhaka

    On March 1, 2024, Friday, Holy Spirit Higher Seminary Tripura seminarians organized a special prayer and meditation meeting for the first time with all the Tripura, Morong, Khiang and Chakma people in St. Christina’s Church, Asad Gate, Dhaka. The theme of the meditation was “A time of atonement, a call for self-purification, and a change of mind.” 200 people were present, including Sisters, Fr. James Clement Cross CSC, Fr. Hamlet CSC, and Fr. Janki Pyme. The meditation and prayer meetings are divided into three parts: Way of the Cross, Confession, and Holy Mass. All participating students, parents, and other Christian devotees spontaneously participate in the Way of the Cross with confessions of sin and devotion. Then the Venerable Father James Clement Crews, CSC, offered the Holy Mass. A few Christians shared their feelings with other fathers when the holy mass was over. Then Seminarian Francis Sadhumoni Tripura thanked everyone and announced the end of the prayer and meditation session.


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