News Contributed by: Flavian D'Costa, Coordinator, BCSM Chattogram Unit

Based on the youth’s role in forming ideal families, BCSM Chattogram Unit organized a “Youth Seminar” participated by 65 youths at the Cathedral Parish of Chattogram Archdiocese on February 14, 2022. The seminar was supported by the Family Life Commission of The Chattogram Archdiocese.

Fr. Leonard sharing with the participants
Fr. Leonard sharing with the participants- BCSM seminar on Family life 2022

The youth seminar began with a short prayer conducted by Fr. Lenard C.  Rebeiro, The Vicar General of Chattogram Archdiocese.  Fr. Leonard Rebeiro also kept a sharing on the theme. He discussed on various aspects of marriage, the position of the Catholic Church and the challenges before and after marriage. Mr. Flavian D’Costa, secretary for publications and Media Affairs of the National Executive Committee of BCSM  discussed on the concept of BCSM and it’s Methodology.

Fr. Sajal sharing with the participants
Fr. Sajal sharing with the participants

Farewell of an ex-member Ms. Moushumi Gomez and the reception of nine new members who recently passed HSC exam held afterwards. Mr. Likhon Gomez, who participated in the seminar, expressed his feelings and said that ‘This is an exceptional seminar. Young age is the time to build our future self. During this time, many people make mistakes due to a lack of guidance. As a result, some young lives becomes a burden for the society instead of being a role model. This kind of seminars will surely bring changes to our moral dignity.’

Assistant Priest of Cathedral Parish, F. Sajal Anthony Costa and Sr. Sapna Gomez CSC were also present in the seminar. The event concluded with the closing remarks of the convener, Mr. Andre Valerio Gomez.


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