Bible Training Held in Fiat for Pastoral Youth Leaders

Regional Level Bible Training for Pastoral Youth Leaders

“The seeds have been sowed but the fruits won’t appear unless they are nurtured. The eagerness to learn I have seen in you have inspired me. Practice the learning and built a fruitful life.” Fr. Simon Patrick Gomes urged to the 28 participants in the bible training program for the pastoral youth leaders after his presentation on the salvation history and the Pentateuch. The training program was held in Fiat Pastoral Center, Bandarban from 13-19 October 2021.

Fr. Simon Patrik Gomes and Mr. Manik Willver D'Costa During their session
Fr. Simon Patrik Gomes and Mr. Manik Willver D’Costa During their session

Mr. Manik Willver D’Costa discussed on the gospels of the new testament and the missionary journeys of Saint Paul. Archbishop of Chattogram Most Rev. Lawrence Subrato Howlader, CSC shared with the participants on why and how should we read the bible as a Catholic.

Participants learning with joy
Participants learning with joy

David Tripura- a participant from Thanchi parish expressed his satisfaction and joy saying that the training included many co-curricular activities such as group works, action songs and personal evaluation tasks which helped him to find pleasure in learning. The program was organized by the pastoral service team of Chattogram Archdiocese and partnered by Missio Aachen and Acn International.



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