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Archbishop Moses Receives The “Pallium” From Pope Francis

Most Rev. Moses M. Costa, csc was announced as the 1st Archbishop of Chittagong on 2nd February 2017. This announcement came as a blessing...

Marian Pilgrimage 2017- ‘Mary: Joy of our Parish’

Chittagong Archdiocesan Marian Pilgrimage of this year is held in Miriam Ashram, Diang on 09-10 February. More than three thousand pilgrims from all around...

‘Metropolitan Archdiocese of Chittagong! Moses Costa, CSC the 1st Archbishop!’

The supreme pontiff of the Universal Catholic Church His Holiness Pope Francis elevated Chittagong Diocese to the status of ‘Metropolitan Archdiocese’ and appointed Bishop...

Bishop of Chittagong Diocese Most Rev. Moses Costa, CSC addresses on...