SVP Seminar in Rangamati


‘Saint Vicent D’Paul was a spiritual person. He could feel the suffering of the helpless people and so he always tried to help them. He always tried to fulfill their spiritual, mental and physical needs. If we are the followers of Saint Vincent D’Paul then we should also form a mentality of serving people who needs help.’ Resource persons in the SVP seminar in Rangamati shared this view On 23rd September 2016 where 35 parishoners joined. The Resource persons were Mr. Errol Robertson- President of SVP, Chittagong: ‘Saint Vincent D’Paul- ideal of mercy’; Fr. Pankaj Pereira, Parish Priest of Rangamati: ‘Spiritual life of SVP members’; Mrs Margaret Rozario, president SVP, Rangamati: ‘Past and present of Rangamati SVP’.


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