News Contributed by: Fr. Dominic Rosario, OMI- Parish Priest, Lama Parish

Lama parish organised a seminar on 1-2 September 2019, with the theme “dondho niroshon bishoyok kormoshala” for para karbari, mondoli karbari, para teachers, union porishod members, selected youth representatives, hostel committee members and some selected faithful. All together 80 people participated in the programs.  Hostel children also joined mass and photo session. The main speaker was flavian Tripura, a catitas technical officer of bandarban mission schools, who spoke in kabrung language and explained very beautifully how conflicts are happening in the para and the results of conflict. He also spoke on how to solve conflict. Participants also shared their experiences in depth. Parish Priest Father Dominic Rosario, OMI has shared how the parish can participate in solving conflicts  through pastoral approach, parish office, personnel, pastors and different committees. Union council member shared on how our people can get help from local government office. At the end an hour was spent on planning how our annual pilgrimage program at tonggojiri will be organised and celebrated and some committee were formed. All participants appreciated and congratulated the theme and arrangement. There were many limitations such as no hall room, no residential facility, no cooking place for arranging such programs, no electricity and long distance of the villages from the parish. Because of all those limitations participants had to make a lot of sacrifices but there were assistance from the local people as well who made arrangements for the participants to stay at night.


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