Pilgrimage of Children on the Year of Mercy


Pilgrimage-of-Bolipara-Children“The old church in Bandarban is wonderful! It is traditional and calm. The spiritual environment moved me to pray to God. I asked for His blessing to be an women of mercy.” said Mollika Tripura, a child participating in the pilgrimage of children from Bolipara parish to bandarban Parish.

In the Year of Mercy, old church of Bandarban parish is declared as the place of pilgrimage and opened for the pilgrims by the Bishop of Chittagong diocese Most Rev. Moses Costa, CSC. 40 Children of Bolipara parish made their pilgrimage from Bolipara to Bandarban on 22nd February 2016 in guidance of Fathers Robert Dilip Gomes, CSC and Samir Gomes, CSC.

While addressing the children, Father Robert said, “Jesus loves children. You all are children Pilgrimage-of-Bolipara-Children-Neelachol-Outingand privileged to be loved one by Jesus. You have to be holy and obedient like Jesus. Learn to show reverence to your elders.”

At the end of the day after the pilgrimage, children also visited tourist spots in Meghla and Neelachol in Bandarban city.


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