Chittagong Catholic Diocese has a pastoral service team (PST) which animates the activities of different commissions of the diocese. After the erection of Barisal Diocese there has been a single office of PST which is located in the Bishop’s house of Chittgaong operated by 3 members.

PST CHT office opening
Opening Speech by Bp. Moses Costa, csc

On 1st July of 2016 another office of PST has been launched in Chittagong hill tracts by Bishop of Chittagong Diocese, Rev. Moses M. Costa, csc. In the inauguration ceremony, the local people of Bandarban parish gathered in the office premises. Bishop Moses Costa, csc said in his short opening speech, ‘the pastoral area of Chittagong Diocese is being spread in the hill tracts very fast. In order to cover this vast area a PST office in CHT region is very much needed.’ After the speech there was a short prayer and then the new office was blessed by the Bishop.

FR. Bikash Rebeiro- Pastoral Coordinator, CHT Mr. Khuntairai Tripura- Office bearer- PST, CHT

It is to be noted that Fr. Bikash Rebeiro, csc is appointed as the pastoral coordinator of the PST CHT team. He is serving part time at present as he is also the parish priest of Shanti Raj Parish, Thanchi. Mr. Khnutairai Tripura is appointed as the full time office bearer in PST CHT office.


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